Access for All

You can play the year round. As this not the 'French' Montpellier, a Yorkshire winter may put off all  but the hardiest!

The main playing season will be April to October, roughly coinciding with British Summer Time.

With the ambient lighting around the Pier Head and the street lights on the Leeds Road, we hope to play after dark but only until 10pm. If only to leave time to get to the pub!

Our main focus is to encourage use of the facility by everyone, whether as regular players, casual users or visitors to Harrogate. We are keen to embrace all sections of the community and make the sport accessible to all ages and abilities.

Disabled Access

We have met with the Harrogate and District Disability Access Group (HADDAG) to review the issues and optimise participation.

The terrains each have a small ramp providing access for wheelchairs and anyone with limited mobility.  While the official pétanque rules specify that a thrower must stand within the bounds of a small circle, they also recognise that this is not possible for everyone and have the following to say "As an exception, those disabled in the lower limbs are permitted to place only one foot inside the circle. For players throwing from a wheelchair, at least one wheel (that on the side of the throwing arm) must rest inside the circle."

A useful accessory that can be employed by those who need it is a powerful magnet on a cord that can be used to pick up your boules.  These are readily available from pétanque suppliers.  It's even possible to buy a magnetic jack.

Lawn Bowlers

Pétanque is also an ideal sport for flat-green and crown-green bowlers who are no longer able to manage the bending their sport entails.  Pétanque has fairly similar rules, is just as sociable and makes use of many those bowling skills built up over the years; but at the same time the unfamiliar playing surface, new 'bowls' and new throwing techniques provide fascinating challenges.