"Not a lot of people know that!"
  • Pétanque literally means 'feet tied together'. That's why the rules say to stand in the circle with your feet together when you throw your boules.
  • Boule is the French word for ball.  Like most French plurals, the "s" is silent so both "boule" and "boules" are pronounced exactly the same  - "bool".
  • Cochonnet (the Jack) literally means 'Little Pig/Piglet'.
  • Coche is an English abbreviation of cochonnet.  Use the expression in France and they'll be very confused - coche has several meanings, including stagecoach, but none of them mean Jack.
  • In France, to get beaten 13-0 at pétanque is colloquially known as being "F*nnied", which is a little rude for Harrogate.  So we're going to say, "you've be Bennied" after 'Beignet', the french for Doughnut,"O"!

Useful Phrases when playing in France

Even if you don't speak French, it's useful to know a few phrases.  Actually, given pétanque's French origins, these phrases will probably be understood by most keen players regardless of their nationality.

Compliments and Comments

 bien joué
 well played, good play
 bien pointé
 well pointed, good point
 bien tiré well shot, good shot
 pas mal   not bad