Harrogate Boulodrome - The Pierhead

Harrogate's Boulodrome is located in the centre of Harrogate at the Pier Head, the top of Parliament Street about 50 metres from Bettys.

The pétanque installation consists of 2 terrains, each with 2 pistes, enabling 4 games to be played at the same time. For added safety the terrains are surrounded by low fences. Access is via a central point with a disabled access ramp to enter either terrain. Each piste measures approximately 13 metres by 3 metres.



The surface is built on an average thickness of 110mm with compacted limestone crusher run, and topped with a fine layer of 6mm limestone chippings.

The surface of the terrains has hardened but the boules will only bounce up to a few inches on impact. Each piste has a different character - with slopes, bumps and borrows to make play interesting!  

As a public facility. Health and Safety has been paramount in the design and use of the terrains.

The fences are to ensure that nobody can accidentally walk across the terrains when play is in process.

The pistes are in lanes so that you can only play from end to end, and the central rail denotes the boarder between each piste. 

With the disabled access backboards in place, boules cannot leave the terrain in normal play.  

Players should always stand behind the person who is about to play, unless they are at the opposite end and facing the thrower.

A player should not throw a boule if they believe that any other person is in the line of their shot, or could accidentally walk into the path of the boule.  


The site was originally a Victorian viewing gallery forming part of the ornamental gardens laid out at the top of Montpellier Hill. The Pier Head actually forms the roof of public toilets which were decommissioned over 20 years ago. This is the Pier Head in the late nineteenth century.