List of Events for the 2016 Season



12 FRIDAY: Charity evening arranged by Sue Couture. Petanque plus Dinner at Zinc.

Book direct with Sue, or via the website contact form. Please check if not          confirmed back.

18 THURSDAY: 6 pm onwards - Club Monthly Melee. All welcome.

28 SUNDAY: Morning play - to include party of 12 from Addingham Civic Society

30 TUESDAY: 6-30 pm onwards -  Visit by North Stainley PC. All welcome



  4  SUNDAY: Roy Cotton Memorial Trophy

11.30 am start onwards - Team match at Leeds Petanque Club, Glen Rd, Far Headingley. Followed by barbecue and social play. 

   8 THURSDAY: 6 pm onwards - Club Monthly Melee. All welcome.

 15 THURSDAY:  6-30 pm onwards St Michael's Cup/Plate Finals

Followed by evening 'wine and cheese' at Zinc Bistro.

(Please order in advance - £5 ticket for food.)



 TBA    12.30 pm onwards Sunday Social @ 6 Springfield Avenue

           Pot Luck Lunch & Bring a Bottle

 (Morning play optional and all welcome - but pre-book with what you're bringing!)